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John Deere 1025R time-saving features

Get on and go

First, we want to note how easy it is to get up and going on the John Deere 1025R. The step-through flat platform, commonly found on larger tractors, makes getting on and off easier than other models. This is something that you're not going to find on the Kubota.

The Twin Touch pedals provide quick directional changes and behave more like a car.

All controls have been color-coded to make them easier to use. Anything orange makes the tractor go and anything yellow controls the PTO.

Implements swaps made simple

Our customers choose the 1025R because of its versatility. Part of the versatility comes from having a wide selection of attachments and the ability for it to replace your lawn mower. But what is versatility without ease? A hassle.

The John Deere AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck can be put on in less than 60 seconds. Let's see you do that with a Kubota.

Not only is the deck easy to take on and off, but so is the Quik-Park loader. It's a no-tools, no-hassle situation where you can park your loader with the built-in stand and take off. Taking off a loader makes it easier for you to get in tight corners when mowing.

John Deere also has some industry exclusive features that make them the top choice. Take a look at the Quik-Knect PTO attachment system.

When John Deere designs a tractor, they design it with you in mind.

View the 1025R page to see additional features and specs, read customer reviews, or get a quote.

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