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John Deere 1025R time-saving features

With so much to do and so little time, you don't want to waste a second trying to hook up a PTO or mount your loader. That's why John Deere compact tractors are engineered with tons of time-saving features!

Get on and go

First, let's talk about how easy it is to get on and operate the John Deere 1025R.

Operator station

When we say get on, we're literally talking about how easy it is to climb on and off. The step-through flat platform commonly found on larger tractors makes it easier than many other tractors. You'll find plenty of room to stretch out and no gear shift right between your legs.

John Deere 1025R open operator station platform

Twin Touch foot controls

When it's time to get moving, the Twin Touch pedals provide quick directional changes. The right pedal propels the tractor forward and the left pedal puts it in reverse. These side-by-side pedals feel much more natural to use, and they're easier on your ankles than the treadle foot pedals you find on most tractors.

Ergonomic controls

John Deere has invested many years and millions of dollars into optimizing its equipment. Seemingly minor changes like the positioning of controls and levers have made a huge difference in operator comfort and time savings.

You'll also notice all controls have been color-coded to make them easier to use. Anything orange makes the tractor go and anything yellow controls the PTO.

Separate steering and implement hydraulics

During demanding tasks like heavy loader work, the last thing you want is your tractor seizing up. The 1025R has separate hydraulic pumps for steering and implements to muscle through tough jobs.

Easy-to-use attachments and implements

The 1025R is our best-selling compact tractor because of its versatility. Part of the versatility comes from having a wide selection of attachments and the ability for it to replace your lawn mower.

It's about more than just selection though. John Deere has engineered their implements with the end-user in mind. They've built in many features to make implement swaps and overall usage a breeze.

120R loader

Just like the former H120, John Deere's 120R loader comes with an integrated Quik-Park mounting system. The parking stand allows for easy removal and mounting to and from the tractor without any tools.

Another tool-free feature on the 120R is the single-point hydraulic connector. Simply line up the pins and use the lever to tie in the hydraulic lines. This feature comes standard on all factory-ordered tractors with 120R loaders and can be added to those without it.

The new compact tractor innovation from John Deere is a mechanical self-leveling (MSL) option for loaders. With MSL, you only need to control the loader height with the joystick—your bucket or forks will remain level on their own. on loaders without MSL, or non-self loading (NSL), you have to move the joystick left or right to keep the loader level.

Servicing your 120R loader is also a quick and easy process. When it comes time to grease your loader, you'll find easy-to-access end-of-pin lubrication on the cylinder and pivot pins.

Quik-Tatch front hitch

If you're planning to use a front implement like a blade, snow blower, or rotary broom, you'll appreciate the Quik-Tatch front hitch. This optional attachment makes front implement swaps easy and completely tool-free!

Load-N-Go attachment

Save your back with the optional Load-N-Go attachment. Load-N-Go connects to your loader and attaches to the top of AutoConnect decks, allowing you to move, store, and maintain your deck with ease.

AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck

Using your 1025R to mow? The John Deere AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck can be put on in under 5 minutes without tools (noticing a trend?).

The 1025R also comes with a height of cut dial for easy on-the-go adjustments.

iMatch Quick Hitch

Behind the 1025R are industry-exclusive features that make it a top choice.

If you dread taking implements off the 3-point hitch, fearing you'll never get them back on, the iMatch Quick Hitch is for you. The hitch stays fixed on your 3-point links and allows you to pick up and attach implements without ever leaving the seat. Simply line up the middle hook to the top pin, lift the implement, and lock the levers into place.

Quik-Knect PTO receiver kit

John Deere also offers an attachment to make PTO hookup easier! The Quik-Knect system has connectors for the PTO shaft and the implement. Once these connectors are installed, you simply slide them together and the grooves will align themselves.

When John Deere designs a tractor, they design it with you in mind.

Visit the 1025R page to see a complete list of features and specs, read customer reviews, or get a quote.

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