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Commitment to Ownership & Repair

Our principles

“Let’s grow together.” You may have heard this mission statement of ours before. We know that without you, we would be out of business. That is why our mission is, and always has been, to provide you with reliable equipment and exceptional support.

We are a John Deere dealer because we believe they offer the best equipment and support in the industry. We employ John Deere certified technicians that know the equipment inside and out. Service is a big part of our business, and we are proud we can continue to support our customers after the sale. While that is true, we believe our customers should have the right to repair their machines; whether they choose to have Hutson perform the repair, do it themselves, or use a third party.

We understand the frustration of owning a piece of equipment that you cannot maintain. John Deere understands that too, so they provide detailed product information and technical solutions for owners to keep their machines running. Our team is here to support you in whatever way possible.

Although we support our customer’s ability to repair their machines, we do not support the modification of these machines. John Deere takes the health and safety of their customers and the environment seriously. They engineer their equipment with highly technical and environmentally friendly standards in mind. That is why we, and John Deere, cannot support altering machines from their engineered standards. Such modifications can pose a risk to you as an owner, your operators, future owners, Hutson employees, and the environment.

If you have questions about ownership and repair resources, please reach out to your local Hutson store. For more information about industry commitments on repair, please visit the Right to Repair website.

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