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Precision Ag

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About Precision Ag

What is Precision Ag?

Hutson Precision Ag is a consulting division within Hutson that focuses on field by field profitability through equipment utilization and agronomy.

Why should a farmer use Hutson's Precision Ag Team?

  • Increase field by field profitability through program management specifically designed for you and your operation
  • Hutson's Precision Ag Team provides education of the latest technology trends that can help your bottom line
  • By combining our 30-year proprietary data and your data, Hutson's Precision Ag Team can help manage risks by providing you greater visibility of your operation
  • Hutson's Precision Ag programs save you time and helps eliminate the guess work of farming

What makes Hutson's Precision Ag team different from the rest?

  • You’ll get two specialists to help advise; an agronomist and precision specialist
  • Being part of the Hutson organization, we provide a great amount of equipment knowledge
  • We help manage your fields based on your historical field data. No starting from scratch
  • Hutson's Precision Ag Team has 30-years of propriety satellite imagery
  • We manage field profitability using a managementzone system over the traditional grid in order to provide higher accuracy of input placement

Data Management Solutions

Hutson's data management program is a custom program for your operation that is designed to help allocate your agronomic inputs. By placing the right amount of inputs in the correct places, we are able to deliver a higher return on investment for your operation. The program allows operators to save time by not having to worry about field by field settings. Our standardized process decreases the liability of having corrupt data, giving you peace of mind. Our service includes:

  • Preloading monitors
  • Uploading updated boundaries
  • Uploading hybrid/variety names
  • Uploading farm, field, and guidance lines

Farm Management Software

New to farm management software? Our system will help you manage different aspects of your business, giving you a complete view of your operation which will allow you to make better decisions for your farm. Being a cloud based app, our system has the ability to ‘talk to each other’. This means that data generated from one system is automatically passed to the other. Our software stores planting, harvest, inputs, and soil sampling data.

  • Works with majority of monitors on the market
  • Predictive weather functions assist in planning
  • Create and send work orders
  • Zone management for higher accuracy
  • Asset tracking
  • Local phone support is always available
  • Two local training sessions per year

Whole Farm Program

Allow your operation to reach its full potential. The whole farm program assigns a precision specialist and agronomist consultants to your operation. These professionals work together to bring innovation and solutions to the real challenges that your operation faces. This is a start to finish program that will take all the hassle out of preseason planning, operator training and in-field scouting. This allows you to do what you do best and focus on the overall management of your farm.

  • Management of zone creation and analysis
  • In-field management zone review
  • Soil sampling
  • Certified fertility recommendations
  • Monitor setup with files and field information
  • Pre-season prescription data card creation
  • In-field planter review and setup
  • Scouting
  • Herbicide, pesticide, fungicide recommendations
  • Plant tissue sampling
  • In-season prescription data card creation
  • End of year data collection
  • End of the year review meeting
  • Access to Hutson's Precision software
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