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John Deere Introduces Mechanical Self-Leveling Loaders for Compact Tractors

John Deere is well known for their innovation and technology. Now they're bringing large tractor mechanical self-leveling (MSL) loader technology to their small tractor lineup. Mechanical self-leveling options are available for 120R, 220R and 300E loaders for John Deere 1-Series, 2-Series and 3E Series compact utility tractors.

With MSL, a single joystick controls the loader height and the bucket or pallet forks will remain level the entire time. Simply pull backward to raise the loader and push forward to lower it. On non-self-leveling loaders, the joystick must be moved right and left to keep the loader level, requiring more skill and practice. MSL is great for both the experienced and brand new tractor operator. The ergonomic controls are easy to operate and allow the user to stay focused on the job and not on loader operation.

John Deere 120R Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader

Along with easier operation, MSL provides 25% more lift capacity on the 120R and 300E and 40% more on the 220R compared to non-self-leveling loaders. This is a result of adding new self-leveling linkages which provide additional leverage.

Want to try out MSL technology on compact utility tractors? Visit one of our stores or call to schedule a demo!