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Tractor carrying a mower deck with the John Deere Load-N-Go attachment

What is the Load-N-Go attachment?

The John Deere Load-N-Go attachment makes moving mower decks much easier. It’s made for AutoConnect 60D drive-over mower decks on 1-Series and model year 2017 and newer 2025R John Deere tractors. Install it by replacing the original AutoConnect drive-over ramps with the Load-N-Go ramps. With the Load-N-Go attachment installed, the loader can be used to pick up the mower deck. This gives the operator more options for storage and easier access to the deck for cleaning and maintenance while maintaining the drive-over capability.

John Deere Load-N-Go Attachment
John Deere Load-N-Go Attachment

How to pick up a mower deck with the Load-N-Go attachment

To pick up the mower deck with the John Deere Load-N-Go attachment:

  1. Tilt the loader all the way forward
  2. Drive forward and guide the loader into the hooks on the front of the Load-N-Go ramps
  3. Tilt the loader so that the Load-N-Go ramp pegs go through the quick-attach holes
  4. Raise the loader, picking the mower deck up off the ground
  5. Latch the pins

Want to try out the John Deere Load-N-Go attachment? Stop by your local Hutson store or contact us to schedule a test drive.

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Last updated: August 20, 2019


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