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50+ projects you can do with a compact utility tractor

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This list contains over 50 projects that you can tackle with your John Deere compact utility tractor.

Don't worry; this is not your to-do list, it's simply meant to showcase the power and versatility of John Deere compact utility tractors. Let's get started.

Projects you can do with a compact utility tractor

  1. Mow your lawn
  2. Move dirt from where you don't want it to where you do want it
  3. Gravel your driveway
  4. Build a fence
  5. Level land for a new building
  6. Dig foundations and electric and water lines
  7. Dig ditches
  8. Remove snow
  9. Return gravel that has escaped your driveway back to where it belongs
  10. Take the kids on a hay ride
  11. Terrace land
  12. Disk a seedbed
  13. Till a garden
  14. Plant a food plot
  15. Grade and level a gravel driveway
  16. Dig a trench
  17. Turn limbs into wood chips
  18. Blow debris off your driveway
  19. Loosen and pulverize soil
  20. Cultivate a seedbed
  21. Set a mailbox
  22. Rake your landscape
  23. Mow your pasture
  24. Aerate your lawn
  25. Salt your driveway
  26. Add landscaping rocks
  27. Remove a tree stump
  28. Spread manure
  29. Move pallets around
  30. Lay drainage pipes
  31. Seed your lawn
  32. Get your truck un-stuck
  33. Plant a wildflower meadow
  34. Fertilize whatever you're growing
  35. Eliminate standing water
  36. Bag leaves and other debris
  37. Dethatch your lawn
  38. Fill and level a low spot
  39. Take control of your weed situation
  40. Haul bags of feed
  41. Move hay bales
  42. Clear stables
  43. Empty troughs
  44. Make a spot for a bonfire
  45. Spray small fields and pastures
  46. Plow a garden
  47. Haul firewood
  48. Harvest root vegetables
  49. Dig holes for a post hole building
  50. Maintain pond banks
  51. Clear tree roots
  52. De-ice your walkways
  53. Water your garden
  54. Plant trees and shrubs
  55. Maintain a trail

If you've come this far, kudos for making it through this entire list; the list doesn't stop here though. There are hundreds of projects you can take on with a John Deere compact utility tractor. With hundreds of attachments, implements and accessories, you may be surprised to find out what all these tractors can do.

If you've done a job with your John Deere compact utility tractor that you don't see on this list let us know and we'll add it! Have questions about John Deere compact utility tractors? Reach out to us by filling out our contact form.

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