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STIHL chainsaw with Quickstop feature

What are STIHL Quickstop and Quickstop Plus?

STIHL Quickstop and Quickstop Plus are braking features found on STIHL chainsaws that allow the chain brake to be activated manually or by sufficient kickback force.

STIHL Quickstop

Quickstop is a common feature found on all STIHL chainsaw models. Quickstop is part of the front hand guard, which protects the operator’s hand from the chain and debris. When pushed forward, the chain brake activates, stopping the chain in a split second.

STIHL Quickstop Plus

STIHL Quickstop Plus is an additional braking feature found on select STIHL chainsaw models. This features allows the chain brake to be manually activated from the rear handle. Whenever the operator releases the rear handle, the chain brake engages. Chainsaws with Quickstop Plus are indicated by the letter “Q” in the model name.

STIHL chainsaw with Quickstop Plus
STIHL chainsaw with Quickstop Plus

Advantages of STIHL Quickstop Plus

  • No additional steps required: The throttle trigger lockout is embedded in the handle, so using it requires no extra work. Simply grab or release the handle to activate or deactivate it.
  • Less Effort: Working on jobs that require the chain to be stopped frequently is quicker and easier.
  • Safety: When the throttle trigger lockout isn’t activated, the chain won’t spin.

Want to try out STIHL Quickstop or Quickstop Plus? Contact us to request a demo or stop by one of our stores.

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Last updated: August 21, 2019


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