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Man tightening the chain on his STIHL chainsaw with the Quick Chain Adjuster feature

What is a STIHL Quick Chain Adjuster?

The Quick Chain Adjuster is a feature found on select STIHL chainsaw models that allows the user to adjust the chain tension without using tools. The adjuster is easy to use and allows the chain tension to be adjusted in seconds. It’s signified by “QCA” or “B” in the chainsaw model name. For example the MS 251 C-BE and MSA 140 C-BQ both have the Quick Chain Adjuster.

How to adjust the tension with the Quick Chain Adjuster

To adjust the tension with the Quick Chain Adjuster:

  1. Loosen the chain sprocket cover on the side of the chainsaw
  2. Use the adjusting wheel on top of the chainsaw to tension the chain
  3. Tighten the chain sprocket cover

Want to try out the Quick Chain Adjuster? Contact us to request a demo or stop by one of our stores.

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Last updated: August 21, 2019


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