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STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL Chainsaws

Hutson is your local STIHL chainsaw dealer. We offer a full line of STIHL chainswas designed for any purpose. Whether you need to trim a few branches or knock down a forest, STIHL has you covered. Looking for a chainsaw to do work around your property? Try the STIHL Homeowner Chainsaws or STIHL Battery Chainsaws. Need something bigger for professional work or jobs around the farm? Try out STIHL Professional Chainsaws or STIHL Farm and Ranch Chainsaws. If you're interested in doing some climbing, check out STIHL In-Tree Saws.

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

Choosing the right STIHL chainsaw

Finding the right chainsaw to fit your needs isn't easy, but we've got a few tips to help out. Check out our guide on the meaning behind STIHL chainsaw model numbers to learn more.