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E vs M vs R: John Deere Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

The John Deere 900 Series ZTrak mowers are unlike any other commercial zero-turn. They carry tons of exclusive features, such as the Michelin X Tweel, which easily set them apart from the competition. We won't be comparing them to other brands in this article though; we'll be lining them up to see what's different about the E, M, and R Series ZTraks.

John Deere 900 Series ZTraks


Let's start with some similarities. All 900 Series ZTraks come standard with 11.5-gallon fuel tanks. The decks are all stamped from 7-gauge steel and can be adjusted in .25-in increments between 1-in and 5.5-in. They deliver higher efficiency and more power with built-in Tuff Torq heavy-duty integrated transmissions. They can also equip Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tires, which were designed specifically for John Deere ZTraks. The Tweel eliminates flat tires and extends the wear life by up to 3x, putting an end to downtime.


Now, this is what you came for. Here are the differences in the E, M, and R Series ZTraks.

John Deere Z915E Zero-Turn Mower

E Series

The E Series consists of just 1 mower - the Z915E. This mower was built to deliver commercial grade performance on a budget. You're getting the power and features to get the job done without some of the extra bells and whistles.

The Z915E comes with a 48-in, 54-in, or 60-in side-discharge 7-Iron II deck stamped from 7-gauge steel. It's running a gas engine and delivers forward speeds up to 10 mph. The parking brake is hand-engaged and the lift is mechanical. You can add Tweels to the Z915E, but the casters are pneumatic. If you're looking for a more comfortable ride, you can upgrade to Deluxe comfort, Deluxe comfort with isolation, or ComfortGlide. Finally, the warranty covers it for 36 months or 1200 hours, whichever comes first; or 24 months with no hour limitation.

John Deere Z925M Zero-Turn Mower

M Series

The M Series includes 7 mowers: Z920M, Z925M EFI, Z930M, Z945M EFI, Z950M, Z955M EFI, and Z960M. As the names may suggest, some of the models are EFI. You can also equip the Z920M and Z950M with propane kits. The M Series provides improved efficiency and performance and offers a wide selection and variety.

These ZTraks come with upgraded 7-Iron PRO decks with optional Mulch on Demand and range from 48-in to 72-in (48-in, 54-in, and 60-in. MOD options). Like the E Series, the M Series delivers up to 10 mph ground speeds and a hand-engaged park brake. The warranty is also the same, covering 36 months or 1200 hours, whichever comes first; or 24 months with no hour limitation. Unlike the E Series though, it features flat-free front tires to compliment the Tweels, Brake-N-Go starting, onboard diagnostics, and more upgradeable seating options. Seat options include Deluxe comfort, Deluxe comfort with isolation and ComfortGlide, or Fully-adjustable suspension seat with ComfortGlide.

John Deere Z994R Diesel Zero-Turn Mower

R Series

R Series mowers provide the ultimate productivity and functionality. There are 5 options to choose from: the Z930R, Z950R, Z970R, Z994R Diesel, and Z997R Diesel. The Z930R has an EFI option, and you can equip the Z950R and Z970R with propane kits. With the R Series, you'll find more power and comfort than the rest.

The R Series carries the same 7-Iron PRO deck as the M Series with optional Mulch on Demand (54-in or 60-in MOD options). The decks range from 54-in to 72-in and the Z997R also has a 60-in rear discharge option. Like the M Series, you'll get onboard diagnostics, Brake-N-Go starting, flat-free front tires, and optional Tweels (except for on the R Diesel Series). You'll also have the same seat options as the M Series. Setting the R Series apart are the foot-engaged parking brake, standard Comfort & Convenience package, and hydraulic deck lift (except for the Z994R, which is mechanical). The Comfort & Convenience package adds padded control levers with built-in buttons for raising and lowering the deck or disengaging the mower blades. They're also faster than the E and M Series, providing speeds up to 12 mph, and come with a warranty up to 36 months or 1500 hours, whichever comes first; or 24 months with no hour limitation.

John Deere Z997R Diesel Zero-Turn Mower

We should also note that the Z997R is larger than the rest at 86-in wide x 96-in long.

Whether you're looking for a workhorse or the ultimate commercial mowing package, Hutson has you covered. Reach out to your local Hutson store if you have any questions about these ZTraks.

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