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What is a John Deere Accel Deep Deck?

You could say that some manufacturers go a little crazy naming every feature of the product. However, the Accel Deep deck from John Deere stands tall to its name. Have you seen the commercials? "It's not how fast you mow. It's how well you mow fast." The engineering behind this deck is what makes it possible.

The Build

Let's talk a little bit about the build of the deck before we start breaking down the benefits. The Accel Deep deck is rounded on the corners and is made of one solid piece of metal. If you look at some other manufacturers, you can see where their deck has been welded together in the corners. Around the bottom edge of the deck, you can see a reinforcement bar that helps strengthen it from obstacles like tree roots or rocks. Now, look at the wheels. Notice something different than most mowers on the market? The John Deere Accel Deep deck has quick adjust pens that make it easy to adjust your anti-scalp wheels.

What about what you can't see? The low-tension belt-drive design reduces the side load on mower bearings. Reducing the amount of torque applied to your pullies when engaging the PTO means a longer life.

John Deere Accel Deep Deck Underside

Longer life than the competition

You know John Deere. They're known for high-quality equipment and how long they last. This mower deck is no different, but why? Remember how we said our decks aren't welded but stamped? Stamped steel has a stronger load capacity that a corner well because the weight can be distributed over a curve. It also keeps better airflow which prevents wet grass from sticking in the corners of the underside of the deck. When wet grass sticks in those corners, it makes the deck prone to rust and ruins its integrity.

Mowing Performance

This is where the "Accel" and the "Deep" part come into play. A deeper mower deck has more volume for air to flow around. So what does adding airflow mean for mowing my yard? It allows your mower blades to do the work they were supposed to. On the back of your blade, you'll see a fin that's kind of like a spoiler. It's there to create an airflow circulation that lifts the grass as tall as possible. The ability to have a strong lift gives your yard a more even cut.

So what about the "Accel" part? A mower with improper airflow and discharge wastes energy on cutting up blades that have already been cut. If we wanted to do that, we'd add the mulching attachment. That extra energy that is wasted bogs the mower down and slows down your cutting speeding.

That doesn't mean that the Accel Deep isn't good for mulching your clippings. Just the opposite. The extra airflow makes your clippings fly around more and get chopped up finer before hitting the ground.

Don't miss our guide on choosing the right mower blade. The Accel Deep deck and the right mower blade is the perfect combination.