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2022 John Deere 9700

Stock #349193
Serial #1Z09700YENU622407

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2022 John Deere 9700 Details
Kernel ProcessorYes
Additional Information
  • NO AMS INCLUDED, Premium Cloth Seat, 2 Rear View Mirror Electric/
  • Premium Lighting, Premium Radio, 2.5 Gal Water Fire Ext, Guidance Ready/
  • JD Link, Pro Drive Transmission, Advance Header Control, Automatic PTO Coupler, /
  • Dual Header Drive, Dura Line Premium, Grass Chute, 48 Knife Bracket Dura Line/
  • High Arch Spout for 8 Row, W/Out Trailer Hitch, 650/60r34, 900/60r42, Without Ballasting/
  • Automatic Spout Positioning, Spout Camera, Lateral & Rear, Display Mount Rail/
  • Footpegs, Premium Service Lighting, Premium Worklight Pkg, Stone Deflector/
  • HD Lower Front Feeder, Craine For KP Removal Completed, HD Header Drive/
  • Active Fill Control, Protouch, 110v Engine Block Heater, Chrome Exhaust Pipe/
  • LED Beacon Lights, Feedroll Sealing Kit, Extended Warranty August 16, 2025, 36m/1500H EXTENDED WARRANTY/POWERTRAIN

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