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Viewing Past Invoices

Video Transcription

One of the most commonly used features of the Hutson Hutson Customer Portal is viewing previous invoices. There are many different use cases. You can replace lost invoices, your bookkeeper can have their own account to view transactions so they don't have to chase you down for a paper copy, and you can view your expenses over a period of time. There are multiple options to filter down the invoices that you want to view. The easiest way for me is with the date range. The transaction days range from the last seven days all the way to 2016, which is as far back as our data goes. I'm gonna pick the last 12 months. You can also use categories to view parts, rental, sales, and service invoices to break them down by category. I just selected the last 12 months and I'm gonna click search and below you can see all your invoices and the details listed out. You have your date, your invoice number, your category, and your amount. If you'd like to view a more detailed version of your invoice or print it off, you can click the red PDF icon on the left and it will open up the original invoice in a new tab. Here you will see the full detail of the original invoice or you can print it off up here.

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