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Creating an Account

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To get logged in to, or to set up and account on the Hutson Hutson Customer Portal, you first need to navigate in your browser to Once there, you'll scroll to the bottom of the site and click 'Customer Portal' underneath the products and support tab. The Customer Portal will open up in a new tab on your browser. There you will be prompted with two options: log in to your account and order parts as a guest. To get the full features and use the Hutson Hutson Customer Portal, you will want to create an account. To create an account, we'll need to click 'Login to your account'. You next need to click the 'Sign up' tab in the top right-hand corner. Next, you must complete the required fields indicated by a red asterisk. Once completed, you'll receive a call from a Hutson associate in the next 24 hours. This call will confirm your account number and link your data in our business system. Once confirmed, your account will be open and be ready for use.

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