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Ordering Parts

Video Transcription

During the busy season, like planting or harvest season, there's been known to be a line at the Hutson parts counter. With the Hutson Hutson Customer Portal, you're now able to skip that line. When you order parts through the Hutson Customer Portal, you'll be able to walk right into your local Hutson and pick up your part at the counter. No waiting. To order the parts, we'll need to click 'Order parts' on the left-hand menu. You'll need to select the location that's nearest to you or the one that you do business with. In my case, I'm going to select Mayfield. In search terms, you can search by part number or by a descriptive word such as closing wheels for a planter. If you don't know your part number and you're not really sure what to look up and you're not finding what you need, go over to the right and click 'John Deere parts lookup' and you'll find some diagrams on the model that you're looking for. In this case, I need some high lift blades for my 915E and I know the part number, so I'm going to search by it. This first one matches my part number that I searched for and it shows that there's seventeen available and the unit price is eleven twenty-seven. Now if my location, Mayfield, didn't have enough blades for my needs, I can click these three little bars on the left and it will pull up what the other Hutson locations have. Looks like Clarksville has forty-two. So I need three blades for my mower, so I'm going to change the quantity to three and then add to cart and then I'm going to view my cart. Here you can change your quantity, view your unit price, and then you can change your status from stock order to expedite. Then to make ordering this part in the future easier, I'll add my equipment to it. I'm gonna select 915E so later on, if you want to order blades for your 915E, you can go to my equipment and see what your previous orders were. If this is an emergency, you can put machine down, then you can also have a quote of what it would be to get that part installed. Right here is your total price. We're gonna go ahead and check out and then we're gonna fill out this form so you have your delivery method, which is pick up at the parts counter, or ship the parts to my location. So I'm gonna pick them up, I'm gonna put the contact name as me, and then any order notes that need to be added for the parts counter. Next, you'll need to select the day that we want to pick them up. I want to pick mine up tomorrow. Then I'm going to complete all the information here on the right and click next. This page gives you a complete view of your order to double-check to make sure that everything is right and double-check your billing information. Once everything is confirmed, click complete order and our parts counter will get to work on your order.

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