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Harvest Mobile

July 30, 2018

Harvest Mobile

Harvest mobile is an iPad app from John Deere that allows the operator to view field data and optimize performance from the cab.

With the app you can see ground speed, moisture, and wet and dry yield maps to more easily make decisions during harvest. For instance, seeing live yield and moisture maps allows you the ability to notice patterns and adjust on the go in future passes. Changes in moisture affect how well the combine performs and the better the combine performs, the better the yield potential. Variety maps can also be loaded into harvest mobile. How handy it would be to view a multiple variety planting map next to a live yield map to see how well hybrid A yields versus hybrid B to help make your seed decisions easier for next year or view both moisture and yield maps simultaneously in the cab!

An example of the split screen option; variety map on the left and yield map on the right. An example of the split screen option; variety map on the left and yield map on the right.

Integrated combine adjustment (ICA) is also included in the app. ICA is a tool to help maximize combine performance by helping make adjustments based on what you select as priority (broken grain, grain loss, grain cleanliness, or straw quality) and what issues you are seeing in the field. ICA is an option on some S-series machines, but the app allows easy access along with viewing everything on the 2630/GS3 command center to operate the machine. Below are a few examples of what you’d see while running ICA.

ICA screenshot example 1 ICA screenshot example 2 ICA screenshot example 3 ICA screenshot examples

The only requirements to run harvest mobile are a wireless data server on the combine and a cellular enabled iPad. John Deere has removed the need for a subscription to run harvest mobile.