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Two Hutson Technicians Named John Deere Service Technician of the Year

John Deere has recognized two members of the Hutson Inc. team as experts in the industry by naming them ‘John Deere Service Technician of the Year’.

Awards were named for each of John Deere’s 11 divisions and 31 territories. Alex Jones was named a Division Champion; Ray Hagedorn was named a Territory Champion.

Get to know Alex and Ray, and what makes them so valuable to the Hutson team!

Alex Jones – Level Four Technician – St. Louis, MI – Division Champion

With over 15 years’ experience as a service technician under his belt, Alex has developed a strong passion for the industry.

“Since 2007, I learned how to use my passion to help people. I am in the field everyday doing what I love to do. To some people being a mechanic is about ‘pulling wrenches;’ but to me, it is a lifestyle. I genuinely care about the customers and their machines. I do not care if you have 100 machines or 1, I am going to give you the same dedication and service,” said Alex.

Alex’s mindset is what our customers appreciate most. His dedication to the job and work being performed does not go unnoticed.

Tony Vanderplog, a loyal Hutson customer states, “Alex is the biggest asset to your company. We have never had a technician that was so detail oriented or able to keep such good records when it comes to repairing equipment. Alex is a hard hitter. His professional and community following is second to none. Most people struggle with dairy farms because of the demand, and he does not bat an eye. There is no one else we would want when it comes to supporting our farm.”

In addition to being an exceptional member of our team, Alex is a significant role model in the workplace, especially for new and aspiring technicians. He helps train young technicians who are just starting in the industry and high school students interested in starting a career as a technician.

Ray Hagedorn – Level Four Technician – Jasper, IN – Territory Champion

Ray is passionate about our customers, going beyond the basic standard of work to ensure his customers are not only satisfied with the job being done, but also set up for success down the road. He has a forward-thinking approach, ensuring he is always prepared for the next task and efficiently communicating anything he needs to take care of the next customer. By doing this, Ray is continually requested by our customers as they trust he has their best interest in mind.

Here is what one of our valued customers, Scott Singleton, has to say, “Ray is one of a kind. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and I trust him with any of my equipment to make the decision he knows is best for me. There are a lot of good techs out there, but he is the best I have ever seen, he goes above and beyond to take care of us.”

Beyond being an integral part of the Hutson workforce, Ray also extends a helping hand to the local community. He owns fabrication equipment specializing in metal décor and frequently donates the items he makes to local charities and fundraisers to help support their causes.