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Stihl SE 62

The SE 62 wet/dry vacuum features suction that is powerful enough for a construction site, but with a design that fits neatly into your home or workshop. Its 6.6 gallon capacity canister means fewer stops to empty the tank. The pleated filter system traps dust, hair and other fine particles. And a built-in filter cleaning system helps with upkeep, keeping the vac running at top performance. The SE 62 is also versatile, featuring three cleanup tools – a universal tool, crevice tool and floor tool – each stored directly on the vac for quick access. The 16' electrical cord and 8' suction hose help you to cover more area quickly while its high-performance polymer tube provides greater durability over plastic tube alternatives. This is your vac for heavy-duty household cleanups.

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Stihl SE 62 Features

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Floor/Crevice Nozzle

The floor/crevice nozzle attachment enables vacuuming in narrow spaces that are typically unreachable with regular nozzles. The attachment can be stored on the vacuum’s onboard attachment holder, making it easily available for use any time you need it.

Filter Cleaning System

The built-in automatic filter cleaning system makes maintenance fast and easy. Just lock the suction inlet, turn on the machine and the filter cleans itself.

Onboard Attachment Storage

With the onboard attachment holder, all of your vacuum’s attachments are within easy reach during cleanup jobs. Plus, it keeps all of your accessories organized during storage.

Stihl SE 62 Specifications
VOLTAGE120 V (60 hz)
MOTOR OUTPUT1.0 kw (8.3 amps)
WEIGHT7.5 kg (16.5 lbs.)
SUCTION210 mbar (84 in H2O)
AIR FLOW3200 L/min (113 cfm)
SUCTION HOSE LENGTH2.5 m (8.2 ft.)
POWER CORD LENGTH5.0 m (16.4 ft.)

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