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The HSA 56 hedge trimmer is a great option for suburban homeowners with moderate to extensive hedge trimming needs. It delivers exceptional performance and value. This STIHL AK Series hedge trimmer features a high cutting speed of 2,800 strokes per minute, slicing through overgrown hedges with minimal vibration. Trim the length of three football fields on a single charge – that’s up to 1,000 feet. And when you’re done, just hang it on the wall from its onboard hanging slot. Stop by our store today and see the HSA 56, as well as the entire line of STIHL battery products. Usage claim tested and verified by an independent third-party test laboratory. Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style and conditions. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a combined set with tool.

STIHL HSA 56 Features

The STIHL Inc. "Caring for Nature" seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious, producing zero or low exhaust emissions. STIHL Inc. defines "low exhaust emissions" as being cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.More Information

Great for maneuverability and extended use.

Soft rubber texture is both easy to grip and makes the product comfortable to hold for extended periods.

The built-in hanging slot allows for easy storage when not in use.

STIHL hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut both directions.

The ergonomic loop handle is ideal for making cuts in any direction.

The tip protector makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier while protecting the trimmer’s cutters from damage.

The housing has smooth surfaces and round contours that help to keep it from getting caught on branches during use. The design also makes cleaning easy.

The blade cover helps protect the cutting blade during storage and transport.

STIHL HSA 56 Specifications
BLADE LENGTH45.7 cm (18 in.)
TOOTH SPACING30 mm (1.1 in.)
RUN TIME (w/ AK 10)Up to 40 minutes (Recommended combination)
RUN TIME (w/ AK 20)Up to 80 minutes
RUN TIME (w/ AK 30)Up to 120 minutes
WEIGHT (w/Recommended Battery)AK 10 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs.)

STIHL HSA 56 Offers & Discounts

STIHL AK Series Battery Bundle

Save $40 on an additional AK Series battery when purchasing select STIHL AK Series Battery bundles. For example, if you purchase a STIHL RMA 460 mower with AL 101 charger and AK 30 battery, you can get an additional battery for $40 off. See qualifying equipment below.

Package Equipment Included
FSA 57 P1 FSA 57, AL 101 and AK 10 (2)
FSA 57 P2 FSA 57, AL 101, AK 10 and AK 20
FSA 57 P3 FSA 57, AL 101, AK 10 and AK 30
BGA 57 P2 BGA 57, AL 101 and AK 20 (2)
BGA 57 P3 BGA 57, AL 101, AK 20 and AK 30
HSA 56 P1 HSA 56, AL 101 and AK 10 (2)
HSA 56 P2 HSA 56, AL 101, AK 10 and AK 20
HSA 56 P3 HSA 56, AL 101, AK 10 and AK 30
MSA 120 C 12P2 MSA 120 C 12, AL 101 and AK 20 (2)
MSA 120 C 12P3 MSA 120 C 12, AL 101, AK 20 and AK 30
MSA 140 CB 12P MSA 140 CB 12, AL 101 and AK 30 (2)
RMA 460 P RMA 460, AL 101 and AK 30 (2)
RMA 460 VP RMA 460 V, AL 101 and AK 30 (2)

Offer valid until June 30th, 2020. Offer valid while supplies last. Terms and conditions may apply. See dealer for details.