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Precision Upgrades

Unlock more precision from existing machines

Get more out of your current equipment with a Precision Upgrade Kit. These upgrades are designed to enhance the performance of your existing equipment, unlocking its full potential and maximizing your return on investment. Whether you're looking to improve seed placement with planter upgrades, add precision and productivity to your sprayers, or reduce grain loss with harvest upgrades, John Deere offers tailored solutions to fit your needs. Installed by the skilled technicians at Hutson, these upgrades offer a cost-effective solution to modernize your fleet, ensuring your equipment runs like new. Experience the difference in your operation's efficiency and yield with John Deere Precision Upgrade Kits from Hutson, Inc.

Planter Upgrades

Enhance planting accuracy, improve seed placement and emergence, and boost crop yields with planter precision upgrades.

Sprayer Upgrades

Add value to your existing sprayer with upgrades like ExactApply™, which minimizes over-application and crop burn, and Individual Nozzle Control Pro, which provides precise application and reduces chemical waste.

Harvest Equipment Upgrades

Reduce grain loss at the header, maintain consistent harvest speed, and increase visibility with precision upgrades for harvesting equipment.