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Hutson Field Day 2018 - your field, your profit - August 15th, 2018 in Paducah, Kentucky.

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Why join us?

Seeing is believing. That’s why Ag Data Works went bigger than ever and decided to do a live field day. A field day puts it all out on the line. You, the farmer, get to see and decide what really is the best practice. We’ll present supporting research done by our own team and answer any questions you may have. Come join us for learning, food, and beer.

When and where

August 15th, 2018 from 2PM to 6:30PM CST

Ramage Farms
5350 Oaks Road, Paducah, KY 42003

Rain date set for August 16th, 2018

What we're going to talk about

Coverage is key

When it comes to fungicides, coverage is key to their efficiency. But what is the best way to get full coverage? We’ll be using water sensitive paper to compare how a Hagie performs against a helicopter. We’ll also be featuring ExactApply and discussing herbicide coverage.

Soil pit

We’ll have two pits showing cultural practices through tillage (Ripped and Disked). You’ll be able to see the difference in compaction, rooting zones, and discuss ways to manage around these problems.


Learn how adjustments and new technology can make a difference in your harvest this year. We’ll walk through AMS settings, calibrations basics, and Combine Advisor to show adjustments that are being made throughout the field.


See how ride quality and other aspects of your planter can make a difference in your stand count. We ran multiple planters in different scenarios - you judge the difference.

Staying the night?

We've got you covered

If you will be staying the night, there are rooms blocked off at the Holiday Inn in downtown Paducah, KY. Hutson will be providing transportation to and from the hotel. To get a discount on a room, mention the Hutson Field Day when booking or click the button below.

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