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Expert Alerts

Prevent unplanned downtime with predictive diagnostics

Expert Alerts is predictive technology that monitors machines and delivers notifications to us whenever problems are identified. These alerts allows our team to remotely diagnose issues and resolve them before they become a problem.

How Expert Alerts work

Expert Alert rules are developed by teams of product subject matter experts. These teams consist of employees from customer support and engineering. They analyze data that is returned from machines, creating alerts based on trends and other indicators of potential imminent failure. There are two types of Expert Alerts:

  • Critical:¬†Demands immediate action and the highest attention. Criteria for a critical Expert Alert includes imminent machine downtime. Failure to act will likely result in greater downtime, diagnostic time and repair costs.
  • High:¬†Reports machine problems, but not imminent machine downtime, about 1 to 2 weeks ahead. A high Expert Alert, like a critical Expert Alert, notifies us of a potential machine problem while providing a clear diagnosis and instruction to repair.

Given your consent, we can set up Expert Alerts on your machine to utilize it's monitoring capabilities and proactively identify potential issues. With these advanced notifications, our technicians can make repairs at a convenient time for you with minimal disruption to your operation or bottom line.

Ready to get connected?

Connected Support

John Deere equipment comes with monitoring technology built in, ready to send an alert when an issue occurs. Connected Support remotely monitors alerts and proactively service your machines for increased uptime.

Service Advisor Remote

This enables our service department to perform remote diagnostics in real time so they bring the right parts and tools to repair your machine. This also enables wireless software updates on most software when needed.

Remote Display Access

Given your consent, we can remotely access your in-cab display to assist with setup and adjustments in real-time for optimal performance.