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How to edge a lawn with an edger

Tired of grass and weeds creeping up on your sidewalks, walkways and curbs? Edging is the best way to put grass back where it belongs and give your lawn the finishing touch it deserves. Everyone in the neighborhood will be wondering who you hired to give your lawn a face lift—but your secret's safe with us.

You don't have to be a professional to edge your lawn, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Believe it or not, using a trimmer to edge can do more harm than good. It's impossible to maintain the same depth and angle while keeping a straight edge. It doesn't just look sloppy, it gives weeds an invitation into your lawn.

Use a lawn edger to get clean, crisp lines and prevent weeds from finding their way in. You may be surprised at the difference it makes in your lawn.

How to use a lawn edger

  1. Set the blade depth: How deep is a up to you, but anywhere between .5-in and 2-in should work just fine. Adjust the wheel to raise or lower the blade. The wheel should barely touch the ground while edging.
  2. Place the wheel correctly: You, the wheel, and the powerhead should be on the sidewalk.
  3. Align the blade: The edger blade should just barely scrape the sidewalk while edging and should be kept at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Move in a forward direction: Start in a corner and make your way down the sidewalk. The edger should pull you forward, so try and keep up with it.

Tips when edging your lawn

  • Wear safety glasses and protective clothing to protect from flying debris.
  • If the ground is dry, hit it with some water to soften it up before edging. It's easier on the tool and reduces dust.
  • If you reach a high or low spot, you can raise or lower your arms to adjust the cutting depth without stopping.

Hutson carries STIHL edgers for homeowners and professionals. If you have any questions about edging, reach out to your nearest Hutson location for help.