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John Deere adds a New Commercial Mower to the Line Up

Model Year 2021 brings a new electronic fuel injected model to the John Deere ZTrak commercial mower line up, the Z955R EFI. This model comes spec'd out very similar to the Z955M EFI but with extra luxuries.

The Engine

Get power, performance and efficiency from the air-cooled, vertical shaft, EFI 29HP gas engine from Kohler. This engine is known to get up to 25 percent better fuel economy than the typical carbureted engines of similar power. It also boasts easier starting with no choke or cable.

The Seat

There are two seating options available for the R Series, all of which are factory installed:

  1. Deluxe comfort seat with armrests and isolation
  2. Fully adjustable suspension seat with armrests

Break and Go Starting System

The Brake & Go starting system is a John Deere exclusive. This feature makes the starting process on all ZTrak mowers easier, while also making it possible to remove two interlock switches from the machine.

Parking brake pedal Parking brake pedal (Z900R Series)

Brake & Go System lever Parking brake lever (Z900 E and M Series)

Standard Comfort and Convenience

The Comfort and Convenience Package combines large, ergonomically angled control levers with specially padded grips to provide unmatched comfort and reduced fatigue:

  • Keeps hands on the control sticks to minimize equipment damage and make them more comfortable over long operating days.

The control levers have built-in electronic controls to raise or lower the mower deck or disengage the mower blades.

The push button (A) on the left motion control lever raises the mower deck.

The push button (B) on the right-hand control lever shuts off the PTO.

Once the PTO has been shut off using the button, the PTO switch must be pushed down and pulled up again to engage the PTO.

Comfort and Convenience Package

Check out the new Z955R EFI model online or visit one of our 12 locations to see it in person.