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What is Hutson Customer Portal and what can it do for you?

Hutson started rolling out the Hutson Customer Portal earlier this year. You may have heard an employee mention it or received a link in an email to sign up for it. Let's talk about what it is, and how it can help your operation. In simplest terms, the Hutson Customer Portal (HCP) is an online platform where you can access and make transactions. It's designed to save you time by helping manage parts orders and service schedules.

Sign up for the Hutson Customer Portal here. It may take 24 hours before your account is activated.

Parts Ordering

Remember JDParts? This is it, but better. You can easily search for parts by part number, description, or by the parts catalog. Once you have the part selected that you need, you can check our inventory to see if we have it in stock. If we do, you can submit your order and our parts department will have it ready at the counter waiting for you within an hour. If we don't have the part, you can choose to order it and it will be at the nearest Hutson location in approximately 48 hours. Need it sooner? Select the expedited option for it to arrive within 24 hours. If you have a part that you order more frequently, you can easily reorder that part on HCP.

View Transaction History

Knowing what and where you've spent is important to your bottom line. Sometimes it is a challenge to get home with that receipt and store it away for safe keeping. HCP can pull up your past transactions and invoices so you don't have to keep up with it. Access your invoices for parts and service from your home, or on the go. Maybe you had an operator come grab a part this past week and you're not sure if it's settled. Use the 'all transactions' tab to see if you have a bill that hasn't been paid.

Request Service

Make getting a service appointment set up hassle free. If you purchased your equipment with us in the past few years, your equipment is already loaded into the system. Select the unit that needs service work and let us know how we can help in the request box. By selecting the unit that's in the system, you don't have to search for the serial number. A service manager will work to see what the schedule looks like and give you a call to confirm. Don't have your equipment listed? Give us a call and we'll get it added for you.

Sign up for the Hutson Customer Portal here. It may take 24 hours before your account is activated.