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2021 John Deere 8R 410

Stock #327702
Serial #1RW8410DPMB188470

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2021 John Deere 8R 410 Details
Front AxleMFWD w/ Suspension
Guidance DisplayYes
Rear PTO1000
Rear TiresDuals
Tire WidthMid
Options50K Transmission
Additional Information
  • NO RECEIVER INCLUDED, 4600 Command Center & Autotrac Activation/
  • Premium Comfort, Active Seat, Right Hand Reverser Bump Shift Control/
  • Hydraulic Power Steering, 9.0L Engine, 5 SVCs, 85CC+35CC Hydraulic System/
  • 118.5" Flats, 480/80r50 Duals, ILS W/O Front Brakes, 420/85r34 Front Duals/
  • Premium Visiability, Front Fenders, Dual Beam Radar Sensor, Cold Weather Pkg,
  • 1/2" Aux Hydraulic Connect, Dual Hyd Trailer Brake, 22 Front Weight , Original Warranty January 6, 2024, Extended Warranty January 5, 2027, 60M/4000H EXTENDED WARRANTY/POWERTRAIN/Wheel Weights

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