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2019 John Deere DB80

Stock #350369
Serial #1JLDB80MVJM780105

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2019 John Deere DB80 Details
Row Spacing30 in
FrameFlex Fold
Metering SystemVacuum
HopperCentral Fill System
Row CommandYes
OptionsElectric Drive
Additional Information
  • MaxEmerge 5e Package/
  • Five Section Frame/
  • Connect Mobile Ready/
  • For 8R and 8RT Series Row-Crop Tractors and Competitive Row-Crop Tractors/
  • Central Commodity System/
  • Category IV Drawbar Hitch/
  • Electric Drive with Tractor Power Generation - 8030, 8R and 8RT Series Row Crop Tractors/
  • Electric Drive MaxEmerge 5e Meter/
  • Heavy Duty Wing Wheels with 31-16.5 x 15 Inch Tire - 6 Bolt Hubs; Skid Steer Tire/
  • Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Spoked Gauge Wheels/
  • Mini Seed Hoppers with MaxEmerge 5e Meter/
  • Active Pneumatic Down Force System/
  • Rubber Tire Closing System/
  • SeedStar 4 HP Monitor System for MaxEmerge 5e with Settings Manager/
  • Regular Seed Tube with AccuCount Sensor/
  • Unit Mounted Coulter with 0.63 In. 25 Fluted Blades/
  • Markers with 16 In. Notched Disks with Depth Gauging Bands

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