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2016 John Deere 8600 

Stock #263750
Serial #1Z08600YTFR515041


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2016 John Deere 8600 Details
Kernel ProcessorYes
Additional Information
  • Cutterhead With 48 e-wide corn knives, Premium Seat, 2 Mirrors Electric Adjust & Headed
  • Cutterhead with 40 grass knives, Premium Lighting, Radio Ready, Guideance Ready
  • I Ready, 40KM Prodrive, Advanced Header control, U Joint For Mech Header Drive
  • Autolube System, Duraline Pkg, Feedrool Ser Bars, KP & Duralane Pkg
  • Straight Grass Knives, Hard Face Ch Knife Bracket, High Arch Spout
  • 650/60R34, 900/60r42, W/O Ballisting, Service Lighting Pkg, Electrical KP Gap Adjust
  • Craine For KP Removal, Dual Header Drive, 110V Engine Block Heater
  • Ether Starting Kit, Chromed Exhaust Pipe, Additive Tank & Dosing System Twinline
  • Feedroll Sealing Kit
  • Extended Warranty May 2, 2019, 36M/1500H EXTENDED WARRANTY/POWERTRAIN

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